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Heiner Luepke, born in April 1983 lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. He aims at artistic fashion photography with an unique eye for details and suggests gripping emotions. You will find a strong preference of analog photography in his work and to this day all black&white work is still processed by himself in the darkroom. He likes to retell and inspire rather than reproduce.

IV/2013 OE Magazine
IV/2013 Khujo Campaign SS14
IV/2013 Maja Holzborn for Szene Hamburg
III//2013 editorial, Revs Magazine (II)
III/2013 Ethel Vaughn Lookbook SS14
III/2013 Cover for Jessica Park "left drowning"
II/2013 editorial, Revs Magazine
I/2013 image story for Urban Outfitters
IV/2012 editorial, Odalisque Magazine #4
III/2012 Kaltblut Magazine
II/2012 Exhibition "we are glass" Berlin
I/2012 No thoughts#8
I/2012 editorial, JPeople Magazine #15
I/2012 Oh Comely Magazine #8
IV/2011 bachelor degree in communications design
IV/2011 Exhibition "the scent of soil" - Lokal, Hamburg

represented in Hamburg, Germany by www.Stilplatte.com


Ethel Vaughn
Urban Outfitters
Jessica Park
Revs magazine
Szene Hamburg
Maja Holzborn
no thoughts magazine
Model management
Spin management
Jpeople magazine
OE Magazine